Mahmoud Alaa

My name is Mahmoud and I have graduated from faculty of law, I'm a Cairo based Graphic Designer, Working in any job requires qualification. Plus opportunity, qualification comes from education and opportunity comes from employment rate in our country...these weird things has a lot of problems in our country so at the end you will not find a satisfied working man but the key word for me is ... Potential hobby.


Seeking for challenging job opportunity depending on my good teaching, Interacting experience, creative spirit & development talents in a progressive and ambitious environment.

Work Experience

2011 - now

Volunteer Trainer

from 2011 to present day

Working in “Fund prevention and treatment of addiction and abuse” as Volunteer trainer

2009 - 2013

Student Activity


» President of “ The United Nations Council ” in “International awareness youth club 2012 ” in faculty of law Cairo university.

» Head Academic Committees of “ Model of the future Masr 2012 ” in faculty of commerce Cairo university.

» Speaker in “inter-university conference” IS THE ARAB WORLED GOING DEMOCRATIC? –April 26, 2011 in (AUC) American university in Cairo.

» President of “ Political Council ” in “ Model of the future Masr 2011 ” in faculty of commerce Cairo university.

» Vice-Head Academic Committees of “ Model of the future Masr 2011 ” in faculty of commerce Cairo university.

» President of “ Model of Human Rights 2011 ” in faculty of law Cairo university.

» President of “International Law Committee” in “model of Human Rights 2010” in faculty of law Cairo university.

» Delegate of China in General Assembly in “Model of United Natin 2009” in faculty of law Cairo university.

2007 - 2010

Summer Training

2007 - 2010

Worked in “Housing & Development Bank” (Summer Training ”2007-2009-2010”) in Legal Affairs .




Worked in “C.O.C color of charisma training center” as trainer 2010.


2007 - 2012

Bachelor of Law

2007 - 2012

Cairo University


Thinking differently and obtaining knowledge in my era -computer- was my theme and goal accordingly I have worked for 2 years gradually in my field off course not law but Graphic Designing using photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

Graphic Design

Communicate from the customers point of view and present a better message is the key of any design: each design is unique art require imagination and engaging with customers vision and this end with designs success


Whatever you want to achieve, and however you want to achieve it our Internet marketing & web support machine is designed to grow with you.


Facebook-Linkedin-twitter-youtube: Use Social media for improved relationships with your target market and encourage two way interaction and discussion.





After Effect


By providing a professional impartial opinion on your current message, i can look at areas where improvements may be made for better results. The modern market place makes it essential that you look at everything you do as a company from the customers’ point of view. Being able to relate to your target market, in a way that shows you understand their concerns and desires will give much better results than just outlining the features of the product. i understand this, and can help you and your teams refine the message for far better results


Brand logo for I-geeky for new technologies Website based in Cairo.

GGID logo

Brand logo for Green business solution company based in Cairo.

Media Group

Sample logo for Multimedia Company, and it just work sample added to my portfolio.


Graphic logo for student activity based in Cairo University

The Page

Graphic logo for facebook fan page for my personal activity online.

Zy elnaharda

Graphic logo for facebook fan page activity linking days with our history.

El3elm yabny Boyot

All designs for this group in facebook and all designing support.

Muslim on Facebook

Graphic logo for Muslim on Facebook and all graphic designs for all activity.

Facebook Activity

All graphic designs and for my fan pages and all designing support.

Facebook Covers

Facebook Covers Activity for fan pages and groups and my friends activity.

Facebook Covers

some activity for facebook fan pages and groups and having fun with friends.

Alaraby Magazine

Facebook Cover for Alaraby Magazine and graphic designs for facebook group.


I love to talk, let me know what challenges you are facing, and i will help you find the solution, don't hesitate to contact me

  • 22 st. 6 October City, Egypt.
  • +(20) 0122 855 18 29